A hassle-free Online Database for Consultants.. features include:
  • An easy to use, searchable customer database
  • The ability to record customer purchases against a hosts’ party and also the customer
  • An easy select option for recording hostess incentives
  • Automatic product re-ordering reminders for your customers (can be set to user defined dates)
  • A calendar for diary/party management
  • Mobile access, take it with you wherever you go! is a web based software program which allows you to access your database from any internet accessible device, such as your laptop computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Security and peace of mind, as your customer information is backed nightly to a remote location
  • Monthly updates with product specials and hostess incentives
  • An import/export function which allows you to upload your existing customer information and to export your data.

Using in your business will allow you to:

  • Save your time and earn more money – you will spend less time on admin tasks and have more time for demonstrations
  • Provide a high quality of customer service with accurate management and the ability to more effectively follow up on your customers’ purchases
  • Telephone or e-mail customers directly from your database
  • Improve your repeat business through the use of automatic customer reminders set for re-ordering of products. Time frames are user defined.

Cost - only $9.90AUD per month including GST

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